About Us

HealthScepter was founded by a primary care physician in southeast Michigan. The website was formed to advocate for cash-paying patients and to give them quality tools to navigate through the cash-based medical system. By organizing current online data on transparent medical prices in a straight-forward, focused way, vital access to primary care services will increase. We hope you benefit greatly from our efforts.

One of the fundamental problems in healthcare is that the prices of goods and services are not transparent for healthcare consumers. Patients often overpay for medical services, and physicians are often unaware of cost effective alternatives to the services they currently use. Prices in medicine are obscured by multiple players in the healthcare markets. The answer to the problem is found in one word: transparency.

HealthScepter addresses transparency issues by creating online marketplaces for needed primary care health services. Some parts of medicine can be commoditized. These areas include laboratory tests, generic medications, immunizations and basic imaging tests. Many good online resources have been built. Many others will need to be created through new innovations. When health consumers have better information, the cost of medical services can be reduced through transparency and open price competition.

An extensive amount of healthcare information exists online. We have worked hard to find the best resources that give you transparent, cash prices for medical goods and services. So start shopping! It may start with labs. It may end with searching for medications. You will likely save time and money by using our tools. This time you are in control.

Rule your healthcare!

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