Monday, January 30, 2012

Health Care Spring

In the information age, price information is everywhere.  People shop for cars, computers, tablets, shoes, books and all sorts of other goods. People compare prices and find deals.  Indeed, the consumer is savvier than ever before.

So in an information-saturated world, why are patients not searching for health care prices?  Certainly, many forces in medicine seek to obscure prices.  Clear prices have been very difficult to find for decades.  But is that still true?  Are there no places to find good price information?

My hope is that empowered people and transparent health care price information collide on HealthScepter. From consumer capitalism in the USA to regime change in the Middle East, the infusion of information to country-wide populations transforms societies.  We need a Health Care Spring to transform our health care system from price opacity to price clarity.  With that transparency change, we may be able to change arbitrary rules to meaningful guidelines, domineering hierarchy to mutual respect, and disorganized chaos to cooperative systems.  We cannot reach these goals without the honest common language of price transparency.  Without all parties making decisions based on clear and widely known price information, we will never be able to move forward.

These changes all start with good information.  HealthScepter helps you find the price answers you need to make good decisions with labs, medications, equipment and more.  So the action question today is: when was the last time you searched for prices for your own personal health care needs?

Start today.

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